Simple Exercise

Exercise encompasses a lot of wives tales and jargon, but you only need to know that it means you are doing "something" other than sitting...doing nothing. Your diet is not the only thing that you need to consider for changing or for maintaining. Exercise must also be what you incorporate with your diet in order to reach your goal(s) or to maintain when you are ready. Anything - quite literally - can be exercise. It's not important for you to perform specific exercises to lose fat or gain muscle. But there are specific methods - except if you just want to lose fat.

You do not need to lift heavy weights unless you are trying to promote muscle size or strength. You should know that most people have lost a lot of muscle by doing nothing. It only takes 2 weeks "after" you stop lifting weights to begin losing any muscle you created during your weight lifting.

A simple exercise is walking, and you most certainly can lose fat by just walking! If your idea of exercise is watching TV or playing games, then you're in for a lot of extra fat coming your way! Garrison Body can show you how to lose half a pound a day by just walking, and you don't have to walk like you are in a marathon.

Walking can burn up to 500 Calories per hour. 2 hours of walking (even if you break up the total time of walking so you don't do it all at one time) would be more than adequate to be burning "enough" Calories daily to lose fat fast. But, before you tell others that you found somewhere that everybody burns 500 Calories an hour, you need to understand that weight, speed and incline have everything to do with how many Calories you burn walking. If you can keep a steady pace of 3 MPH walking, regardless of the terrain you will burn close to that 500 Calories per hour.

What is Your MHR and What Does That Have to do With Fat Loss?

What is your age? 220 minus your age = ?? ( calculator )

220 - 30 = 190 (MHR) x 60% = 114 - That means, a 30 year old person burns fat alone at 114 beats per minute. And you thought fast and hard was the way to lose fat...tsk.

Once you calculate your Maximum Heart Rate (MHR), you will know when you are burning fat the most. When you know your MHR, calculate 60% to 65% of that MHR. 60% of your MHR is your best fat burning heart rate!! When you get your heart rate over 65% of your MHR, you no longer only burn fat. If you get your heart rate over 65% your body mandates glucose, glycogen and many other nutrients from your body - in addition to recently digested food.

Between that 65% and 60% you are burning...just fat. When you are beyond 65%, your body demands energy that it can only get from recently ingested food, or....sadly...muscle in your body.


I know. For years you keep hearing work harder, get your heart rate up and you'll burn more Calories. That's true, except for the fact that when your heart rate is over 65% you are burning much, much more than only fat. There are only 2 ways for your body to get the energy it needs when you are over 65% of your MHR - recently ingested food, or muscle. Generally, over 65% of your MHR, you burn very little fat. The higher your heart rate over 65%, the LESS fat you burn!

Which do you think your body is using when your heart rate is over 65% of your MHR and you haven't eaten much for the day? MUSCLE!

When is the last time you thought to yourself, "Hhhhmmmm....I'm going to go burn off some muscle."

Losing muscle is the exact opposite of what you want - regardless of your goals. If you have lost muscle you will see what some call "saggy skin".

There is no such thing as "saggy skin". You have either fat or muscle. If something is hanging or "sagging", it's fat. All that hanging "stuff" that never gets firm, even when you flex your muscles, is...fat!

What is the Best Workout Program?

That question mandates more information. If you are trying to build muscle, there is a specific workout program for that. If you are trying to lose fat, there is a specific workout for that. If you are trying to increase muscle size, there is another workout for that.

Regardless of the 4 different types of workout programs you wish, NONE of them can give you great results if you mix them up. Stop trying to think that you can trick your body into doing anything you want. Your body has limits, requirements and methods it must have to comply with whatever goals you have. If you combine those goals, your results will be poor - at best.

When you consider a workout program, you must also consider which 1 of 4 types of programs you wish to address. You will NOT address them all at once. You could increase strength, increase muscle "size", lose fat, or maintain your current physique.

Take a look at the various workout programs are available and see which one you wish to target.