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Getting Healthy

What Should You Know?

If you are willing to try to make the changes on your own you need to know:

We have included easy to use calculators and charts in our Web site so that you can assess your own body health, or, understand what you need in order to make the necessary changes.

If you would rather we do the calculations and create plans for you, simply use this link to Diet Plans. Once you begin the process you will need to answer a few questions and then follow our guidance. We will structure the information so that it's easy to follow.

Good or Bad Eating Habits

Food is good for you. Eating a lot of food is not bad if you are burning a lot daily. Eating a lot of the "wrong" foods is bad and that's what creates the fat.

Let's be clear. There are 2 main reasons you get fat.Eating too little food daily and eating mostly fat foods.

Over-eating is not the problem with the general population. Although it can make you fat if you eat too much, most people do not eat the number of Calories required for their body daily. So most who are fat are so because they fail to eat what the body requires daily.

You may think that's a pretty bold statement. But for more than 40 years of learning about health and nutrition, during that time period, as high as 95% of the people we've encountered who are "over weight" (fat) eat less than 1,200 Calories daily.

These diets telling you carbohydrates are bad, or "selling" you that some foods are 'reportedly' bad for you, are only an attempt to get you to purchase something else they want you to buy. With enough "shock" value in their advertising, the general public is 'duped' into buying - without regard to the health risks to the buyer.

The only way you will know how and what to eat is to study nutrition and how the body works with regard to fueling the body and how the body responds to various foods. Knowing most people will not be doing any of that studying any time soon, marketers promote whatever they want you to buy.

You can either study nutrition, or, you can reap the benefits of Garrison Body providing you with what you need to know to get the results you want and become healthy in the process.

Know What You Eat

Look at the package for whatever you eat and calculate the number of Calories based upon the package information. That means you will need to measure the serving(s) of the food you eat for a few days. Once you do this you'll have a good idea of the serving size for everything you eat so you won't need to measure again. Do that for everything you eat / ate during 1-24 hour period in order to use the Garrison Body Calorie Calculator.

DO NOT attempt to adjust the numbers to what "you" think is right for you. Each person in the world requires different Calories per day, but 100% of the population requires the same calculations. If you decide the number that appears in the "Under / Over" box is only a guide, you will not reach your goals.

Success begins with this information.

Start Here.