Garrison Body has several calculators that will help you determine your condition, monitor your changes, help you burn fat, and provide insight into your eating habits.

Proprietary Calorie Calculator

(designed and assembled by Garrison Body)

The Garrison Body Calorie Counter is different in that it is specific to "you". Not just someone who does the same exercises. But...specifically, you. The first thing you enter is your weight, Then you select the various activities you had in the previous 24 hours from the day you are using the calculator. The end result is, you will see how many Calories you burned for that day, how many Calories you ate (which you need to measure in order to KNOW), and the results will tell you how much you are over, under or if you ate just the right number of Calories for that day.

Maximum Heart Rate Calculator

You need to know your heart rate during exercise, resting, or minor activities so that you can know what you do that increases your heart rate more than 65%.

BMI Calculator

This type of calculator is perhaps the least accurate of any type of body fat measurements. It only measures dimensions of body parts. That means, if you have a lot of muscle because you've built muscle in the gym, the BMI calculator will provide completely inaccurate results because it does not take into account the fact that muscle may be most of the dimensions.

Body Fat Charts

Take a look through the charts to see where "healthy" is for your age.

Activity Charts

You can review these charts to see how many Calories the various activities burn.